Ancient Altars, the pagan organization of Western Michigan University and its community.

JBL Statues of Pagan and Eastern Faiths. Made from Ganges clay by Indian artisans, and perfect for any altar.

Encylopedia Mythica, a search database of gods and mythlines from a wide variety of world religions and ethnic groups.

Untangle, Incorporated, previously the Godfiles, are another myth search engine and resource for checking comparative mythology.

The International Center for Reiki Training, a center for the teaching and transmission of this ancient Tibetan mode of natural healing.

Witchvox, which is exactly what it sounds like. A major internet-center for the online pagan community.


Earth:Final Conflict


Jonatha Brooke
Afro Celt Sound System



Authors and Books

Katharine Kerr, personal page
Katharine Kerr, Deverry Page
The Wheel of Time--The Books
The Wheel of Time--The PC Game

Janny Wurts

Charles de Lint

Jennifer Roberson

Melanie Rawn

Brian Lumley

Orson Scott Card

Terry Goodkind

Terri Windling

White Wolf
Cooltext Text Editor

Journey, a Tribute to John O'Brien. Comemerates the passing of a teacher, a shaman, and a good friend.

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